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Monday, April 16, 2012

On the go...

We returned to my place as our drawing venue for the latest Sunday session - the dining room table (in the photo below) is where we spend our Sunday mornings. Examples of drawing & photographic art is in evidence - the two prints at the lower right are examples of Kiwiana by the very talented artist, Matt Guild.

I continued on RM123 - it's hard to imagine that there is two hours work between this posting and the previous posting, but the undercarriage took longer than I anticipated (and it requires still more work) whilst I also had to determine the colours of the seats within the railcar.

However, I think Brett will have greater challenges with his new undertaking - Possum Bourne's Subaru Impreza - as the number and variety of sponsor's logos will be daunting, even for him:

Brett also has the Brewster Buffalo on the go (and, yes, the new background makes a huge difference to the picture), as well as the Catalina commission, and the P40 is still hanging motionless in a southern sky - although the trees have been fleshed out (so to speak)...

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