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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hanging around

Warwick and I, as you know, have entered some pictures into the RNZAF 75th anniversary exhibition.
I took my pics up there ( about 2 hrs drive north of wellington) on Friday afternoon and helped set them up. Then I returned Sunday to check on progress as it was a public viewing day.
Seemed to be going well with a good trickle of visitors through.
Lo and behold both Warwicks Catalina and my Skyhawk had both sold by midday..
Heres the Skyhawk on display with the arm of the buyer pointing at it.
and a general shot of the whole hanger. You can obviously see we shared space with an Avenger and a Harvard and not so obviously with a Spitfire.
great stuff! and some serious money changing hands!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Paint by numbers

RM123 has had further work done on it - the undercarriage & cowcatcher in particular. A little research is now necessary to determine the colour of the connector housings on the front of the Railcar.

Brett's P40 is looking really good and I think that the trees have a very Japanese feeling to them - I hope he manages to develop them further...

The Light Fantastic

Brett's blue Subaru sunshine reminded me of a few images I was playing with a few years ago:

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Latest toy!
Looks nice in the sunshine, couldnt resist a photo.

 Was on special at local model shop so an impulse buy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RNZAF 75th Anniversary

The RNZAF came into being on 1st April 1937. As part of the celebrations (to be held at Ohakea & Wigram) there will be an art exhibition of paintings relating to the RNZAF. Brett and I have submitted two works each, all four of which will be for sale. Brett, as mentioned in earlier posts, has submitted the Vulcan and Thunderchief.

I am submitting the Catalina GF-C and a new work especially for the exhibition - the landing of the initial batch of 14 Skyhawks (consisting of 10 A-4K and 4 TA-4K aircraft) that were delivered to Auckland in 17th May 1970 (as deck cargo wrapped in protective plastic cocoons aboard the carrier USS Okinawa) and then towed by road to the RNZAF base at Whenuapai:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Return to Normality

This Sunday saw a return to the drawings we put aside a few weeks ago. For me it has been an extraordinary week with the sale of 11 prints (Ka945, J1211, DC4156, RM32 & DSG3059).

RM123, the 'Blue Streak' railcar, is beginning to be seen in the full splendour of its Zenith Blue & Alpine Violet livery...

With the jaws such a prominent feature of Brett's P-40 drawing it's easy to miss the fact that half the undercarriage has already retracted...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

after the bomb

well it didnt hit us very hard (touch wood) .. bit of a cold windy night is all..
With Warwick away networking I managed a couple of hours on the new plane. Its the P-40 owned by the Old Stick and Rudder Company housed at Hood aerodrome in masterton. Its had a few paint jobs but is pictured here in its AVG Shark mouth guise. I love the half up half down undercarriage with the macrocarpa tree background.

Bit of a grey photo but youll get the idea... coming along nicely!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Da Bomb!

Been a good week for sales for both of us! Warwick's new Ka train sold plus Catalina to a pilot of a real Cat!
I got another Solent to the UK plus the M19 via Trademe, lucky first print.

Have finally sorted employment for 2012 with a secondment to a great new web project. Starting Monday!!!
Warwick still hunting so no Sunday drawing this weekend.

Weather has been ... 'interesting' as a 'Weather Bomb' has passed over the North Island so w'eve actually lit a fire as the temperature dropped a bit.

Magic the Gathering social night last evening with the usual crowd. Simon's boys are growing! Usual bickering, patronising, humour and killing going on. Lasted till midnight so a bit wasted today.

Here's the Pucara model pic I promised. difficult getting the right colours and getting the paint (humbrol enamels) to dry. hmmm beena while since Ive done one of these. Its straight OOTB (out of the box). I hope it works.

Got the Thunderchief to the framer this week, should look great when its done.. just about ready for the exhibition end of March. Also picked up the converted super 8 movies of old NZ motor racing .. cost me another Bomb but is saleable so might eventually recoup it. Great stuff tho from the 70's.. super rare!
and finally Ive at least got the reference material together for the next commission.. the moored Catalina. Another A2 sized acrylic painting.. daunting!