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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Man thats one BIG ASS PLANE!

Ive finally figured out where the guns go... (incorrectly shown in this photo)... have you Warwick?
The Marine corsair only had 4 x 20mm cannon is a hint!

Sunday 'morning delight'...

Another good morning drawing over coffee & biscuits. We managed to last for an hour and a half before opening our 'presents' - the Corsair FU4.

The Chevron is looking VERY good - Brett is enjoying this one, even although he doesn't think it will sell:

And I've started on the Falcon drag car:

I'll also be posting the completed NZR RM30 Standard Railcar on TradeMe tonight.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Warwick's weak end

It's been a miserable day. I've spent a cold wet Saturday on the roof trying to mend a leaking internal gutter. Done no drawing, but have baked an amazing smelling Lemon Cheesecake to cheer myself up. I hope Brett will be around in the morning so the 'old buggers' can have another 'bitch session' and open this.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The week that was

Its been a good week for sales..
3 cars and now 3 planes with the sale of another RAAF Spit. Must admit to a twinge of disappointment that the Vulcan hasnt gone again but there are about 6 watchers so maybe...

Hooked up with an old gaming mate yesterday and he's going to have a try too. He also used to be a draughtsman (like warwick) and has painted wildlife pictures so his drifting Morgan should be good. watch this space.

Last day of the week. Father-in-Law now in hospital so doing taxi duties for evening visiting hours for a while. Big Op due today.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Nice Chevron, Brett - I like the way you render your reds - the lighting looks very realistic.

I'm a fan of the Chance Vought Corsair F4U, probably because my father served in the RNZAF 30SU Servicing Unit (Corsairs), serving on Espirito Santo, Guadalcanal, Bouganville, Green (Nissan) Island & Jacquinot Bay. There were 237 F4U-1s and 127 F4U-1Ds used by the RNZAF during the Second World War. I'm also rather impressed by the noise of its 2,000 hp 18-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial engine - just magnificent.

Brett & I ordered a 1/18th scale model of an F4U each recently - they can't be far away Brett. I will then have two 1/18th scale Corsairs (the first is here), whilst Brett's will join his 1/18th scale Mustang P51D. This is my rendering of the Corsair:

One of my photographs of RNZAF's only surviving Corsair is used on the 'State Symbols of USA' website (here).

I attempted to photograph the final versions of RM30 & the Phantom & the beginnings of the Falcon commission tonight but the flash wouldn't behave itself so I'll do it properly on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Warwick makes another sale

I've just noticed - a red flag has gone up on my RNZAF P51D Mustang, so that's another sale. But will there be a bidding war? Remember, most of our art work is available on TradeMe or our website.


Progress on Keke Rosberg's Chevron
and another Skyhawk sale tonight... wierd coz it was the same bidder who still has highest bid on the other Skyhawk... hmmmm!

Warwick was going to come round but pressure of work etc etc..Still a happy 3/4 hr listening to the National program.. something about lie detectors, very interesting in an academic sort of way...


well why not I thought...
seems to be THE big thing and I noticed it has a 'marketplace'

so here goes:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Out of the blue, unexpectedly, another corsair sells.... To chch

early rising

woken up early to help the in laws get into their house after a trip to hospital...exciting start to the day!!!
no more sales this week so far but the cafepress is up and running and Ive updated the corsair design. I must get all the tifs from Marguarite. Had a query about A1 sized prints but at $40 per print cost price Im not holding my breath.
No work on the drawing last night as too busy worrying over all the cats. anyone want a nice grey and white kitten who desperately needs a good home?

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Ive just set up a 'shop' at Cafepress... I have NO idea as to whether Ill get sales thru this but its worth a punt.

Check it out HERE

more sales

A guy from Franklin has just bid on 3 racing cars.
Red Dawson's Mustang, Chris Amon and Bruce McLarens M14

Im chuffed... thats this weeks quota...

Sunday drawing

Warwick came round to use the light box and start the drag Falcon commission. Lookin' good so far..

I did a bit more on the Chevron (the 4th wheel).

The grey kitten took quite a shine to Warwick.........

next steps...

So, the order of work is the Falcon, followed by Miss Torque. I also want to draw another Fokker DR1. Sunday (at Brett's) will see the start of the Falcon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sat nite

Woohoo finally this week, another sale... And it's the skyhawk!

saturday 22 May

bought an A3 canvas this morning and re painted it in Gesso ready for tracing..
Will do some of the Chevron pic tonite I think...

Been a bad week for sales, if it wasnt for selling the two framed prints from the barber shop Id have bgr all to report but that helped.

of course I spent heaps too... won a Senna mercedes 190E on trademe and bought a Lola T70 coupe as well...

siiigh! I just cant help myself...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday evening

well done Warwick... a commission!!!

Lets see the photos then...

Finish the Phantom first!!!, do you still want to do the Falcon now?

Did some work on the Chevron last evening but too f**&ked tonite

I also have another commission. My mate at Defence confirmed his mate wants the Golden anniversary Skyhawk done.. so thats in the pipeline too now. Think Ill paint it tho.. as a test oil painting in the style of Spike Wademan. First I need a cheap A3 size canvas... methinks ill hit the $2 shop tomorrow morning.

Bought a nice wee book at Capital books today.. Produced by the guys who used to run the TVAL airshows at Hood. Has all their WW1 planes in colour with brief articles on each one. Bludy good for $20! Called On the Wings of History

Mustang commission

Picked up my 1986 Suzuki Intruder VS750GL from TSS Red Baron Motorcycles today & had a chat with Stewart (the owner) who had bought a copy of my Fokker DR1 triplane print (looking good framed on the wall). I noticed a picture of Stewart standing on the wing of a Mustang at Wanaka & mentioned that I'd drawn an RNZAF Mustang in Canterbury colours & offered to draw one of him on 'Miss Torque'. He seemed keen so I eagerly await an email with a few images to work from.


Well, that was quick! Posted this message, signed out, checked my email & there was one from Stewart with an attachment. The prop is spinning...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday evening

More work on the Chrevron...

Ive also been contacted by Robert (Vulcan buyer) about a mate of his that wants the golden anniversary skyhawk done... sounds interesting must follow that up..

Monday, May 17, 2010


And from a question from a prospect I find out that the skyhawk I've drawn is nz6207 which crashed on oct 18 1974.
It's since been recreated in the rnzaf museum. However my pic is very early in it's life as there's no 75 sqdn badge on it's flank. An historic special plane!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday morning

Round at Warwick's again!
Finished the Skyhawk (I think) man that chute took some effort. But you gotta stop sometime.

Started Keke Rosberg's F Pacific car. Warwick 'knocking off' his phantom!!! Pictures to come!

Brett's Skyhawk looks good - a lot of time spent on the parachute -white, warm grey, ivory (ivory?), "got a ruler anywhere, Warwick? No, no, a plastic ruler. Oh I guess this steel thingy will have to do..." A good session, though.

Here's a 'quickie' of the Phantom:

Sat morning

Lying in bed, checked trademe, nother corsair sold #31 hohum

Skyhawk body done, started chute , 3 presold!

What next?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

RM30 - virtually complete

NZR Class 'Rm' No 30 diesel Railcar (Standard Type), 'Aotea'.

Built by NZR (Hutt workshops), RM30 entered service in July 1938 and was withdrawn in December 1972 after running 1,363,684 miles. Now based at the Silverstream Railway, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Friday, May 14, 2010


The Skyhawk has some green (well black really..) now and is really starting to take shape..

also , bit of a bluebird.. another Spitfire sold on a buy now... woohoo..

really must get some more tubes on the weekend.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I thought I'd post a bit more of the Railcar:

Photo doesn't do it justice. I hope to have it finished tomorrow.

... dragsters

sounds great, Brett. I look forward to being involved. It will be a challenge to see if I can render tyres as well as you.


Had a great conversation on the phone with a customer who wants a couple of his Drag cars drawn.
Sounds cool and the cars are awesome... One each for me and Warwick I think....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wednesday evening

sorted Tuis address for 2 prints and picked up another Vulcan. Robert's done well on selling.. heh!
spent an hour on the Skyhawk doing all the brownish colour... starting to look OK.
Marguarite and Emma nearly convinced me to do a book.. wonder if Warwick wants to come in on that? pro rata costs and profits.. hmmm.

anyway here's the Skyhawk as she stands (bad lighting without flash pic)

What's next?

Some months ago (Brett might claim more than 'some') I started drawing an F-4 Phantom. Well, I got the Phantom out when I got home on Sunday & thought about whether to finish it or start another Fokker DR1 after I've finished the railcar. Much as I'm keen to start another Triplane (probably Manfred von Richthofen's Fokker DR.1 127/12 - red & streaky-brown), I've decided to finish the Phantom. So, watch this space...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RM30 progress

I spent a productive (& enjoyable) hour last night working on RM30 - have now completed the front of the railcar. I'm quite pleased with the colouring of the the body & with the glass in particular. Trying to capture the transparent & reflective qualities of glass is a challenge but I think I've succeeded in this instance.

skyhawk progress

done the nose probe and crept up over the cockpit
mainly a browny colour. spent an hour
Green tonight.

Have to get the prints back too from FP. I hope the Vulcan has come out cool. I bought two silver frames from the warehouse last night.

No sales over night but Chris Hyde has paid so that ones off today....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

RM30 attachments

Hmm. Well, as far as I can tell (and I'm making this up as I go along) the black dangley thing is a rear vision mirror and the black curve lower down is a mount for another mirror - all will become apparent when the left-hand side is complete. Patience, Brett, patience.


what's that sticking out on the RH side of the railcar, Warwick?

A good morning's drawing with Warwick

progress by Warwick on the railcar.

and I've started the Skyhawk.
But our backs began to hurt (old geezers) so we stopped after 2 hours.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

RNZAF Catalina

Sold a print of RNZAF PB2B-1 Catalina, Code GF-C NZ4025, early 1944.

This particular aircraft arrived in Fiji on 04 April 1944. It was declared surplus to requirements in 1951 and broken up at Hobsonville in 1952. Long-range patrols and reconnaissance flights were carried out from Lauthala Bay, Fiji by flying boats of No 3 Operational Training Unit.

Mike Henry, who bought the print, suspected it was NZ4017, the Catalina his grandfather, Flg Off A L Henry, flew as the first operational patrol (on 04/10/1943) for 6 Squadron from Segond Channel. On 04/02/1944 he rescued five survivors from a ditched B-24 south of Nauru Island (for which Flg Off D S Beauchamp was awarded the DFC).

Always nice when your art work can form a link to actual events & people. Thanks Mike.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I've done the outline, hooray

next drawing for me...

will be a Skyhawk... RNZAF one..

sortof based on this..


The locomotive is actually British Rail BR9F 2-10-0 92204 at speed somewhere in the English countryside.

Brett's atmospheric image of the Vulcan depicts the moment the undercarriage of the Vulcan made heavy contact with the runway during an air show for the opening of Rongotai (Wellington) Airport New Zealand in 1959. Despite one main undercarriage leg being non-functional the aircraft returned to Ohakea and landed safely, toppling onto the grass verge at the end of its run. There was a long delay while it was decided whether to scrap it, ship it back by sea, or repair it in situ. In the end, the aircraft was repaired by the RNZAF, who applied RNZAF kiwi roundels in place of the typical RAF roundels (from Wikipedia). Nice one, Brett.


added Warwick as an editor...
This is a fine example of his work...
some sort of steamy trainy thingey


Also completed the Vulcan acrylic artwork, posted it and then Robert Buckley contacted me for a sale. Will require 3 scans tho so no profit... Aah well looks v cool.

New print

finished the Wellington Volvo last night... very cool bridge work imho.
Kept the background white as is my wont. despite wademans suggestion I think Ill stick to what works for me.

Took a crap pic using the SX1 in the lounge about 9pm.. turned out pink, photoshopped it a bit and posted to Trademe...  Voila by morning I had a sale!!