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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Racing Mini

Well, its been a while since the last post.
I had a quick commission to do for a local author. He wanted a specific picture tweaked and then drawn for his book cover! It started as the DN3 Shadow of Tom Pryce at Barcelona but I had to remove the signage and change the airbox and add a front wing and all in black and white. The people were tricky, not to mention the trees but it all came together in 2 intense weeks and the author is very happy. Nice little earner too!

plenty of room for the Book title on the right too. Called F1: The Deadly Years and is fiction but based on the authors real life in various forms of international racing. Very cool to do.

Then on to another commission for my Patron (Peter Wyness). Having done his jaguars already Im now onto his Mini. Going quite well and having fun with it. There's a spitfire and a Cortina in the pic too!

Monday, May 5, 2014

May Already?!!

Finished the McCully Begg... signed, sprayed, scanned and tweaked..
Commissioner has asked that I not sell prints and that's certainly his call... pity, it looks very cool, all pinkish!
Now on to a new commission.. Ive been asked to do a book cover in black and white, in 2 weeks! Pictures to come. AND Ive got to start Peter's Mini!  If only this paid a living wage!!