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Saturday, November 23, 2013


another week has passed and its been pretty busy in the evenings so Ive not had a lot of drawing time.
But here she is.. The Phoenix! I think Ill call it done. Im leaving the background deliberatly just shaded impressions of a couple of guys to give an idea of fences and the track but theres no full on background this time. It allows the colours of the car to pop I think and sets it off nice.

That smoke was harder than it may appear, theres pencil, crayon and even paint in there.. I hope its OK...

Prints wise this week has been great with about 6 sold already and a couple of bids on trademe for the weekend already. Good thing too as I blew a bit on a nice 1:18 scale Jug from badcattoys yesterday!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

90% there

Saturday... spent the morning at the Petone Craft Fair and sold a few things, Calendar, prints and even a framed print.. actually took along some of Warwicks (remember him?) trains and sold $55 of those too.

and then Ive got into the Phoenix tonight with a good solid effort on the windscreen and roof etc..

Not the best photo under fluorescents but you get the idea and progress!

Looking forward to the smoke tomorrow!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tiger Moth

Fitting in a quick drawing at work. Boss asked for a Moth picture for her grandson. All I have on hand at work are work HB and mechanical pencils so its just a simple shading A4 size... But rather fun and very 'pure' without all that colour..

This is the start..

Monday, November 11, 2013

The pipes are calling!

multiplied the side pipes by 4 and got into the whole front and bonnet area. Even started the side window area.
I hope the Kendall GT1 looks OK?
A bit of colour really help eh?
Wifey is away this week on holiday so Im able to do a bit more in the evenings. Took a few prints and calendars up to Manfeild on the weekend and sold a couple so its all good! Might even have another commish!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


started some serious colour on the shadowed side.. Had to leave a lighter area around the exhaust etc..

I made the stripe a bit redder too as it is actually quite a bright red.
coming along..

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2014 NZ Motor racing Calendar

My 2014 Calendar is for sale

Fold down calendar on 120gsm A3 size paper. All my own work. Each print occupies a full A4 sheet.

Each Calendar will be signed by myself.

Artworks featured are:
Rod Millens Pikes Peak Celica
Jack Nazers Miss Victorius Victor
Red Dawsons Marlboro Monza
Paul Faheys FVC Escort
Denny Hulme portrait
Bruce Mclaren M8A Canam
Clark proctors Nissan GTR
Leo Leonards PDL Mustang I
Bevan Wrights Gulf Cobra
Peter Wyness Mk2 Jaguar and E-Type Jaguar

and one Plane.. The RNZAF Catalina

all those for $20 + Postage

email me at if you want one.. get in quick!

Monday, November 4, 2013


well two wheelys! lol

coming along fine... sorry about the crappy photo, its better in the flesh!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Phoenix Rises

and so onto the Chev Camaro drag car, The Phoenix!

This is very early stages, the wheels are no where near completed even but its a good start I think.
Lots of smoke wreathing the rear!  Trying to show the crinkles in the tyres... needs more black!

Broken Blockage

Finally cracked the blockage and finished the Vampire properly.
Its been bugging me for ages, the cockpit needed highlighting, the plane didnt 'pop', the clouds were crap and overall it seemed aenemic. So I cracked open the water colours and went for it. Greens fading to blues in the distance, better darker Ohakea, much better clouds. .. It aint Robert Taylor, but Im happier and now i can get on with the Dragster commission.