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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Shrewd and Discerning were you?

The background model was a Brit Sub.. in fact the most modern British sub.. HMS Astute!
A sub dogged apparently by some issues! Going aground, damaging the tug, showing its commander the door, breaking down in Scotland and then subject to a berserk able seaman who fatally shot a sailor in the control room! Hmmmmmm..

Ive had a shot at the Tomahawk background too... coming along is the best Id say... its the right approach tho, a windy overcast day,... needs more work! Ive been using Gouache which is re-wettable so although it dries like acrylic it can be re wetted and allow a 'smerge' on the edges where new paint is placed.. very cool!

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