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Sunday, March 29, 2015

riding along....

on the crest of a wave!!

couple more hours on the sea... hmmm.. better but lots to go. Might have to start the actual boat soon to see (sea?) some real progress.

Today is world cup cricket finals day... want to watch but dont want to watch.. might jinx the kiwis eh? aaargh..

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A yahct.. I could never spell 'yot'

Started the next commission on a rainy sunday arvo...
Just splatted in the main colours! and waved a brush at the sea...
But it gives the impression aye?

that sky needs to be much lighter (lucky I have scads of white paint) and not really lookin' forward to the detail in the water or hills but hey.. its gotta be done. Coz I want to get back to the pencils and restock the racing car stocks... Suspect Ill focus on the yahtc/yatch... boat next!

Lifes a Beach

Well... thats that!... what a saga..
as I've posted before, although the painting was complete I had to repaint it to more accurately copy the slightly rotated photo of the commissioner. and then tweak the left hand to be under the right arm! Then scan the painting (A3 size) and use photoshop to insert the black and white photo. Then get the scan printed BUT.. the printer noticed scan lines in the printed output and suspected his fuzer unit. I then waited a week until this was fixed and in fact he has reserved a fuzer especially for my art prints now and because its a 10min job to replace it in his large professional machine he has asked that I only do prints on Fridays! So I waited until friday and we went to redo the prints BUT the lines were suddenly obvious on the scan.. which meant my scan had put them there.. aargh. So we redid the scan (I drove home and got the painting and brought it back all around 5pm on Friday) and then had to redo the insertion of the black and white photo overnight so he could use the new reserved fuzer unit when he first opened for business saturday! .. I told you it was a saga!  Unfortunately I had a social card evening that friday night (8 - 12) so had to do the photo shopping first thing in the morning to get the scan to him by 10am..
But I managed it and it looks good.. well as good as it can be given the resolution of the black and white pic.

Then I had to pack the stuff up to send it away.. Managed to convert two old boxes into one long enough for the painting and used some polystyrene blocks to locate the painting into the box without touching the sides (after wrapping it and adding cardboard corners) then added the plastic wrapped prints (which proved too wide so I trimmed them to fit) and THEN burned a CD of the scans and photos shopped image (twice, as it failed first time) and THEN wrapped the whole thing in wrapping paper... 2 hours later!!  ready to mail.

Whew!! mops brow!! was it worth it? If he's happy then, for sure Im happy but I AM glad thats completed.. Unfortunately the next project is another commission.. The Boat! More on that next time.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Datsun done

The 240Z is essentially finished. I'll put aside for a few days, tweak any remaining bits I'm not happy with then get it professionally scanned prior to printing and sending off to Megan.

So, now I'll go back to the RNZAF C-130 Hercules that I've sketched up and start working on that. Because the plane is essentially white, I'll be adding a background - Rongotai & the Mirimar Peninsular as they were a few years ago...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dat's ones nearly done

The scan doesn't do it justice - colours have washed out and lost their silvery luminosity. Never mind. Just the headlight, wheel hub and some general tweaking left to do.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dat's shaping up quite nicely

I'm sure I could've spray-painted an original 240Z in the time it's taken me to draw this. My daughter stipulated that she wanted it to be silver and, of course, I couldn't find any images of a 240Z in silver so this is turning into an interesting challenge. Imagination is such a wonderful thing.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dat's an affront...

I feel tempted to make some sort of pun involving grilles & bumpers but that would be wheelie bad. So I'll refrain. However, progress has been made and I feel it's coming along quite nicely.