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Saturday, April 14, 2012

In the Buff

well, the Pucara is almost done, just a satin varnish and decals to go. Ive found a way to hook my Tamiya compressor to a Paasche airbrush so hopefully that will do a nice job. Its still a crap model but Ive started painting again at least.

Heres the model

and so now Ive started a re painting of another old drawing. I NEVER liked the background I did of geoff Fisken's Buff and it certainly never sold so I hunted out a Singaporean background and another shot of a downed Zero and sortof started playing around with them..

Heres the old crap background..
and  heres the new attempt!

I hope youll agree it completely changes the picture. Just wonderful! the background is supposed to be over Perimbi Singapore. I have no idea if geoff flew there but it suits....

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