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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Beginnings

No work on RM123 today. Instead I have started something for the RNZAF 75th Anniversary in March - the landing of the first Skyhawks into New Zealand:

Brett has 'finished' the McLaren M19 - well there may be some background added later - but he has added his name to the drawing...

and he has started a drawing of a P-40 based on a photo he took at Hood Aerodrome on Sunday, 22/01/12:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

solong solent

well the new owner of the Solent has picked it up today and seems very happy, which is great. Many thanks for the commission Marcus, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Now he's challenged me to do a Catalina!!  This one..

and in colour!!  (but I think ill make/finish a wee 1/72 model first thats been staring at me for nigh on 3 years!
Pictures to come...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hats off to Brett

I just couldn't get a posting in edgewise. Really, I couldn't. All those extraneous images of models kept getting in the way - but they are impressive. I hardly dared to move when I dropped around to Brett's the other night - wet paint and 1/18th scale planes everywhere. And the Thunderchief is very impressive - nice one, Brett.

I finally got round to posting Ka945 on TradeMe - so if you want a signed copy of print #1 click here and start bidding.

RM123, the 'Blue Streak' railcar, is definitely taking shape:

and continuing in the non-aeroplane theme, Brett's McLaren M19:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Varnished Thunderchief

Finally, signed and sealed!!!
now for a frame.. Im thinking silver or chrome for this one.
and about $600 at least. This is the companion piece for the Vulcan for the RNZAF March 2012 Air Show.
I hope the punters like it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finally Finished

The Thunderchief is done.. But Ill wait til tomorrow to put up a pic as it needs 24hrs to dry before I varnish it.. Meanwhile here are a couple of shots of the new 1/18th models.

The Hellcat (with folded wings in front), note the 1/18 53 Buick tucked in under the wing!

and the TBM Avenger under the P-38, both massive models with approx 100cm  wingspans!!

The McLaren M19 pencil drawing is nearing completion too after a good 2hrs more at warwicks today but Ive no doubt he will post that pic, plus employment news!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

F-105 looms

nearly there... Tweaking tiny areas on the plane.. another couple of days to go maybe.. Im starting to love it!

 Been an 'interesting' week for both of us..Im still in the dark but maybe with prospects.. Warwick is soon to be on 'gardening leave'...  should be a productive art period!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Yours, In Haste

I seem to have suffered an almost catastrophic PC failure so this will be a very quick post before it crashes yet again.

The 'Blue Streak' RM123:

and the McLaren M19:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Toys

Warwick will post progress from this mornings sunday session but here's a couple of models Ive recently acquired. ie: bought... for too much $$$.... seeing as we are employment challenged at the moment.
ah well... they cheered me up for a bit.

First an ETCC Volvo 240T, same as the one that won the very first Wellington street race but in Nordic colours
 and then the piece de resistance.. the latest carlectables release! A Lola T332 from 1974. and who would have ever thought they'd make one of these!! Just superb!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thud progress

Not much progress this week actually... Focus has been on the people and they are almost done. Ive been layering the white shirt and its starting to work but its tricky.. Very keen to move on to the plane again.
Been a tricky week also work wise.. meant to find out about jobs on Monday and now were at Friday and still no word. Stressful. Still 5 sales this week plus one overseas from last week to post. Lets hope I have some good news over the weekend. Warwick also on tenterhooks.
Both of us have started books at Createspace too.. more on this as it progresses.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Its a Frame Up!

Just got the Vulcan back framed. Simple white frame.
Thanks Alf, looks impressive!

Black and Blue

An intense morning today. The drawing was good, Brett especially enjoyed working in pencils - they are more immediate than paint. But, more important, Brett ended up motivating us both. Yes, we are both under threat of loosing our jobs - Brett will know this week and I will know within a week. All very daunting. But Brett was positive and I made a list of actions to undertake.

Onto the drawings. The McLaren M19 has been updated with it's numbers (note to viewers: there is an agreement between Brett and I - only he can depict cars with numbers):

and the Blue Streak is moving along (pun intended? No I don't think so):

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rough old week

Well with both of us under sentence of redundancy maybe we have to retire and start an artist's collective!
But on the positive side I've sold 3 prints on Ebay this week.. I reckon it's due to just one post on James Altucher's blog! AND he gave me a neat idea re a book so maybe it'll work out.
The Thunderthud progresses slowly.. too slowly! Can you tell the difference from the last post? I'm really looking forward to finishing off the crowd and getting back to the plane!
Its a 3 day weekend here so maybe I can fit in quite a bit of painting between watching the sevens, drawing at Warwick's, gardening and shopping! here's hoping!
The commissioner of the Solent came round and was very pleased with the work and commissioned a 2nd one.. a moored Catalina! At least it won't be all black and white! Marcus also posted some nice words on the forum he frequents and that got a few hits on the blog too! Very pleasing! and the Vulcan was sent away for framing for the Ohakea exhibition. Alf Memelink is helping me out there and it should be really good stuff. Looking forward to that at least.