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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Black GT500

Started a new commission. A modern Shelby Mustang GT500.
As usual just the wheels to start with and barely that. But it feels OK so far..

long way to go...

the Porsche still needs finishing, the Yacht is continuing in the background and Ive got a new commission from Italy (a Bambina) to consider for next month maybe..  It never rains but it pours... lovin' it!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tiny but perfectly formed?

1 week elapsed time but only A5 size after all...
Just a few more tweaks and it'll be completed I think.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Black and Blue

Bit more progress on my tiny Porsche..

Love the Train Warwick!! Especially the work on the front.

Streaking into the wild blue yonder

Finally got the scan of RM123 back and I've spent some time cleaning the background and tweaking the colours. So here, for your delictation, is NZR Railcar RM123 'Blue Streak'.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A French Letter

from Waikanae!

Yep, as Warwick said, drove out to the 'gold coast' this morning for a reprise of our old sunday drawing get togethers. and gold coast it certainly was today, blue skies and windless! great drive!

Started a tiny pencil drawing as a bit of a fill in. was going to use marker pens more but in the end only used black then pencil over the top. You can see how tiny this one is based on the pencil!

Its an Aussie drivers porch, one Rusty French by name and I think I just liked the colours, the contrast of the black with a large shot of yellow orange flame out the back!

Still, small = fast I think! (actually a Porsche 935).

Nice to see warwick getting into the Herk finally and looking good. maybe we'll see the finished Blue Train up on the Blog also soon!?

Must note the 2 hours was complemented by a great cheeseboard, nice coffee and good ole Radio 5 Live from the UK on the iphone!

Would love to do it again sometime.

Herculean task

A beautiful autumnal-like day here on the Kapiti Coast made all the better by a visitation by Brett. He had brought his pencils and was starting on a new drawing. So, coffee, cheese (brie, emmentaler and cranberry & macadamia cream cheese) and biscuits were in order, as in days of yore. I started on a new version of the RNZAF C130H Hercules - I had made a few blunders on the previous effort so this time I started with the nose (rather than the tail). Two hours later and NZ7002 is definitely underway.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Billowing Spinnaker

well, Im a bit laid up with a debilitating cold. started over Easter and has got to the coffing/sniffly/miserable stage..

But I can struggle on with the yacht. Rough stuff but its amazing how the smallest of efforts starts to bring the picture alive. n'est ce pas?

Blues used are very much a guess as the reference photo is quite faded.

Have also started glazing the old Moffat Mustang painting. It reached its limit of 100 prints last year and the original has just been sitting on the wall. So Im going to give it some pizzaz with glazing and put it up for sale as an original... worth a crack!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Four Flying Cranberries

Four days work, will mull over it for a bit but its feeling finished.  Little bit of history: After receiving nine B(I)12 and two T.13 English Electric Canberras at Ohakea in 1959, 14 Squadron deployed to Singapore in September 1964 to defend Singapore and Malaysia at the end of the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation, (following in the footsteps of No. 75 Squadron RNZAF's Canberra B.2s). No 14 Squadron operated from RAF Tengah with detachments to Labuan (North Borneo) October/November 1964, RAF Gong Kedak (Malayan Peninsular) June 1965 and RAF Kai Tak (Hong Kong) October 1966. The Squadron returned to Ohakea in November 1966. The Canberras were phased out of service in July 1970.

WTG on the Blue train Warwick (FINALLY!) thats a real winner, as Ive been saying for 2 years or more!!  Spotted a nice Hercules to do while I was scanning the proboards too... hmmmmm..

nah, back to the commission now.  and Matinee Idle this arvo I suspect.

Blue, blue, my love is blue

Current WiP. Yeah, I know, looks nothing like a C130H Hercules but I made a bit of a mess of that and had to start again. So, a Blue Streak railcar (RM123, not to be confused with a blue TranzMetro English Electric multiple unit) seemed appropriate (it's one I'd started earlier). Then, back to the Hercules (I promise) and then a streamlined NZR Ka942.

It's 'yacht', Brett, but I suspect you know that, although 'sailboat' is easier to spell. I have to admit that the Canberras are looking really good - nice grouping. I'd keep the background minimalistic - maybe a simple pale sky blue and a slightly (slightly) darker blue lake surface (assuming that's what it is). Nothing too detailed that will detract from the Flying Cranberries.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Four Cranberries!

Nearly there after an intensive 3 days!
Tweaking and some more work balancing the background perhaps but the basis of this vignette is done..

I think it definitely has potential as a seller.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Four of a kind

well the yot is taking a wee break (on the commissioners request) for a week and its Easter so Ive started another plane pic that caught my fancy.  Quite a well known reference photo but in black and white! Ive always liked the RNZAF Canberra ever since I was a lad in Feilding and the local Ohakea base was flying Vampires and Canberras overhead. The green and grey colours with the wee black and white kiwi on the tail is striking also.

I will NOT be doing much background on this, just a pencil outline of the hills which they are flying over to give some depth. Its supposed to be a quick study of the planes only.
So here's a start, two of the shark like Canberras.

had quite a windfall of car prints this last week too.. been wrapping up tubes all morning which is very gratifying!