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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vampire over Ohakea

Well its been a while and the Vampire has come along pretty well... Was trying to keep the background low key but its growing and growing!!  The clouds need more definition but its nearly there I think.
Then its on to another commission... I have to have a crack at peter's racing yacht now too!! but that will be a painting over Christmas I think!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jaguar finished, Vampire started!

worked up some courage (and with a little encouragement from my wetcanvas buddies I added a wee bit of very light blue sky.  And its done! signed and sealed, now for the scanning etc..

sold a Gambia from trademe and a Cobra and a Moffat from ebay so this week is lookin good already. That plus the ABs win and Team NZ winning the first 2 Americas Cup races... woohoo..

Started a quickie in between drawing of a DH.100 Vampire plane. Felt the need for a plane, they sell well, especially RNZAF ones and I remember these planes zooming around my home in Feilding, near Ohakea when I was a lad. Will use an impression of a background I think.. might try and get an aerial shot of Ohakea to use..
Coming on fast so far tho...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Green Trees, Blue Jaguar

Might be finished... not sure whether to do a light blue wash on the sky or not... dither dither...

quiet couple of weeks sales wise... 3 planes and a Senna in two weeks! But picked up another commission and sold a DVD so all good.