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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Friday

Bit more on the Jag... coming along but the red shading will be tricky..

Got a few commissions at the Leadfoot... well sortof..

  • The Almac gulf coloured Cobra seems a goer..
  • The Mazda RX3 in colour for Rhys Millen 
  • The plum coloured Begg FM5 
  • and a before AND and after Javelin for Jim Richards
some of those will be gifts I suspect.

also had a definite local commission for a 1959 4 door oldsmobile, but it has to be done by July... so Id better crack on then!!

Easter Pussycat

A scarlet red Mk II Jaguar commission for a friend.

Been back a week from a successful foray to the Leadfoot festival.. Lots of photos of some fabulous cars. AND I got the Millen signatures I really wanted! Even better the Millen family is restoring the Mazda RX3 so I have colour shots to redo what must be one of my best selling prints. The pipeline grows ever longer!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pikes Peak Celica

Finally finished! Signed, sealed scanned and ready for trading.

Wasnt sure about the dust work.. lots of over layered pencil work with light yellows, pinks, flesh, greyed lavender, and various grays and blacks and this is the result. Its growing on me and I needed to get the scan coz Im off to the Rod Millen Leadfoot festival on Thursday and hoping to get the man himself to sign the original.

the sealer made it quite shiny which was interesting for the scanner but its pretty OK I think. with a bit of photoshopping touch ups!

you can see how a scan is waaay better than the photo below!

Good print week.. A Cossack Victor and a Possum Bourne singletons plus 4 older prints en masse to one guy who is running his almac Cobra at the Leadfoot and may have a commission for me!  woo hoo!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

curly wurly..

Ive used gouache to paint a background as a basis for more coloured pencil for the dust and stuff..
Not feeling too good about it but this 2nd attempt is waaay better than the first really pink colour!! The water has curled the paper as it dried! if I ever do this again Im going to do it on board I think. But itll be Ok for a scan and prints in the end.

5 days to get this done... should be a breeze. Wife and her mother off to the Mount tomorrow so I have clear decks for most of the week. I fly up and join them on Thursday.

Possibly big news coming soon for a trip in 2013 too... but as thats just a twinkle at the moment Ill hold back just in case.  more on that later I hope.

also amazing news.. I sold a print from the Kiwimotorart website!! An ERA. The ordering process actually worked although the buyer was in germany!  Cool.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


This after a couple of hours on a sunday afternoon. Its actually yellower than this.. the photo acentuates the orange.. You can see the dusty blurred side of the car appearing but I will have to do the actual dust billowing out to the right with paint I think!  Anyway, great progress as I have a week and a half to finish it now!

good sales again. was a bit worried earlier in the week but 3 on trademe and another aussie ebay one cheered me up no end!! lol

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Toyota emerges yellow

so far so good.. good impression of a right front wheel with (I think) glowing brake disk. and interesting layers of oranges and yellows for the bonnet... But that dust is bloody tricky and needs much more work I think.

selling quite well at the moment, Catalina, Gambia, couple of Subarus and even a solent. Ive got 2 weeks left to get this Celica done before the Leadfoot festival so Im cracking on each and every evening!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Peaking in March

Sunday morning... couple of hours starting a new car pic. Im off to another motor racing festival late this month called the Leadfoot Festival. Its run by Rod Millen. He used to run a company in California called Stillen and was famous for his efforts at Pikes Peak. So Although I have done a couple of his older Rally cars before I thought id better have a Pikes Peak car ready for his autograph! So this is it.. its a Toyota Celica 4 wheel drive Pikes Peak special that now resides on Rods property here in NZ and will be on display this month.

Ive started with black as usual. I always lay down the darker colours first then overlay lighter ones. This seems to work best for machines where there are shadowed areas. Its not ALL black here tho.. plenty of browns and blues in the black to add highlights if you look close.