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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hooray, some rust at last! and the 3 corsair planes too!
Redid the sky again! but still needs another layer I think, clouds are a bit heavy!
Maybe onto the foreground(!) sea next.

Had a day off while the car was in the garage undergoing surgery!! Good opportunity to progress.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Skies the limit

Had a go at the sky and clouds to fill in the top and have pretty well completed the ship (as a first painting!) Sky needs more and the planes need outlining too. Am determined to get the rust started as well today!

It all feels a little Mk1 - ish as it now needs the detailed go over but at least the canvas is filled!

and the All Blacks won in Ellis Park again too!! Whew, what an intense game!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Slowly filling in the superstructure!

Slow going... Im doing this with technique that may be thought very naive! Small brushwork all the time almost like using a pencil. But Im slowly covering the canvas!! About 1.5 hrs at a time is all I can stand.. Maybe do a tad more this afternoon. Ive masked the A2 size and roughed in the sea (but that needs heaps more work on waves!). Im finding with the cold weather its tricky to get to the painting during the week so I mainly work on it sunday morning..

I do want to get onto the rust! and Id better speed up a bit now.. we're nearly into August!

ps: I did manage to get my super application away last week. I find Im quite looking forward to a supergold card! Also managed to spend quite a bit on my Magic the gathering card addiction! so another reason to get on with the painting... :)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gambia Hull and Sea

Not the best photo, left hand edge has a shadow showing.... slow going though..I'd say I only have the basic undercolors in process so far. Painting like this isnt a matter of wide sweeping strokes, its more fiddly close work with a tiny brush and plenty of smerging with a fingertip or sponge dauber thingey I have. There will be a LOT of detail painting over this eventually.. But I have all of July and August to do it!

Note the darker area of the hull which was a camo attempt I think to give the impression of a smaller ship.