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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

or are E-types red?

well the chasing one is.. but whats that white one behind?  I couldn't say but Peter has told me so maybe Ill let you in on it next post!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Roses are Red e-types are Blue

just about done the main car now... the sides need more 'smerging' tho...
started the chasing pack and will do those roughish to blend out to the background.. and maybe a water colour wash of the track..
Another week has passed, flicking by now, 2 sales this week (and a clock) but its a bit quiet for sure.. Still, saves me worrying about tubes! Lots of chores yesterday so got into the Aviation Tour photos today and went to Mitre 10 with Anthea to get an Old Fashioned English rose! (hence the title). All Blacks won again last night and Lewis got pole at Spa. All's well with the world.

and just for a bit of fun.. 4 of my Indy Car collection. All 1/18 scale. Front to rear. Bobby Unser's Olsonite Eagle by Carousel, Bobby Rahal's Reynard by ERTL, Danica Patrick's Motorola Honda by Greenlight, Scott Dixon's Dallara Honda by Greenlight.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Blue Monday

Good weekend. Anthea's birthday last week so we did a seal safari round to Red Rocks via the Wind Turbine road. Great trip, just us two and the driver. One Billy McGrath who turned out to have quite a background in art himself. Mainly surreal stuff but very interesting.
So not much drawing over the weekend but with a tad sunday evening plus half an hour tonight ive got this far..

I think you can start to see the driver!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blue Flanks

Wednesday. working forward on the E and doing the driver as an impression inside the shadowed car.
Tricky blue! 3 or 4 layers and still not quite right. I hope its close Peter?!!

enjoying it tho.  Signed up for the Petone fair tonight so that's done, and 5 prints this week.. all blown on a Reynard Indy car I think... such is life.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blue Body

another week goes by.. didnt manage much this weekend, spent most of it ferrying around getting stuff for the house and for a wonderful Chicken Biryani this evening!! Hell of a mess in the kitchen but tasted great!
The wires are now done on the car and the headlights so I can start moving up to the body work or maybe the cockpit area...
This car has a great attitude Peter.. you can sense it rolling and getting the power down as it corners..

Might have another table at the Petone fair coming up.. I think its in November.. Ill give a heads up the week before if anyone would like to drop by and say hello.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Blue Friday

been trying to do at least 15mins per evening on the Jag. Front wheel finally looking cool! and Ive staretd a wee bit of the colour on the flanks. Its in shadow so there's a lot of undercolour in black! But Im pleased.

Also started a new idea on Trademe this week. Brought back a nice simple clock from the UK Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and it generated an idea to do the same with my prints. So I made a template of a clock face and super imposed it on one of my prints, had it printed by Dave, bought a cheap warehouse clock and took it apart to insert my new face. Worked a treat and sold one already... If anyone wants one I can do them using any of my prints.. just email me, the address is at the top of the blog!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Impressionism - Wires!

Went and saw the Light and colour art show at Te Papa on the weekend. Monet, Renoir etc etc.. Just love how those masters could dab on paint that close up is just almost random, but step away and the picture just appears!  and such light in their work... you cant beat original oils for that!

so Ive don e afew more sessions on the Jag and the wheels remind me of impressionism.. Theyre just black and grey almost random shapes up close... but move back and narrow your eyes and Voila.. wire wheels..

self hug moment!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

racing E-Type

Im back from an awesome month off tripping round England going to just about every aviation museum and show! Overloaded on Planes (and some cars)! Sold at least 11 prints while away so thats cool and decided to start the next commission today.
Its for the same guy I did the red jaguar for a couple months ago only this time its his Blue E-Type... very cool..
Started with the wheels and undercarriage as usual and just a touch of blue round the mouth to show the colour!  The wire wheels are already killing me!!