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Sunday, December 18, 2011

We were wired...

Today was possibly the last drawing session for 2011 as we normally restrict ourselves to Sunday mornings and next Sunday is... Christmas Day. It's been a productive year as a quick trawl through this blog will attest. Brett has produced more, and sold more, than me, but then it's not a competition. We both have our own techniques and approaches which affect our productivity. Regardless, we both enjoy what we do and intend continuing into the next year drawing vehicles that interest us and exploring a few commissions.

Because it was Christmas (well, that was just an excuse really), we forewent our cheese and had some Christmas Cake (with Almond and Royal icing) with a glass of 8 Wired Brewing Co's The Big Smoke Smoked Porter.

The Opel is progressing beautifully - a real bargain, if I may be so bold. I particularly like the way your eye is drawn to the hand and face of the driver.

And Ka945 has bulked out a little. The remaining pipework and wheels may seem a little daunting but the diminishing perspective will help in that respect.

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