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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Glorious day here in Wellington NZ. Frickin' georgeous!
Dr son home for 3 days and Im finally starting to unwind from the last few weeks stress at work.
Looking at really attacking another painting for an exhibition. Found a great old picture of mine from the 70's of a Skyhawk on display at Ohakea with admirers... Will be great at A2 size in acrylics.
But to keep the sunday pencilwork going with Warwick I needed another car so choose this action packed study on B&W of an E.R.A  Specifically R4D in a full blooded drift with Willie Green at the wheel... started with the wheels for a change!.. lol..

Have a GREAT Chrissy and an excellent New Year wherever you may be (even Christchurch!)  and buy lots of our prints!!!

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