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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

gosh dont the holidays go fast? Happy New Year!!.. hear that whoosy sound.. thats another year gone by!
did another couple of hours on the Solent.. slow going... the acrylic needs redoing to get that depth.. im using a new thing called a retarder medium that slows the drying down.. its pretty good too. Can you see the band on the side of the plane is a deep blue? Im probably going to inject a touch of colour in the lights too..
This is definitely starting to grab me... which is great as it gets me up to keep going and painting.. not as easy as pencil but I think, more fulfilling in the end.
Hope you all dont mind too many posts.. its just that I have the time to do it so...

 off to see a movie now I think.. drawing with wollox on monday... might get that ERA done eh?

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