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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Herculean effort

The RNZAF C130H 'Hercules' NZ7002 is progressing well. The plane itself is almost complete -  the markings on the upper wing surfaces need to be clarified and a little rework on the spinning propellers. As the drawing is for an ex-RNZAF member with an eye for detail I have to get it right. Then I can start on the background - an aerial view of Wellington. Because I haven't installed Photoshop on my back-up laptop yet (my PC has died) I haven't been able to create an image for this posting, but watch this space, to coin a phrase.

By the way, those silver reflections on the Mustang's rear wing are looking good, Brett.

Update - just as well I checked - the upper wing surfaces & top of the fuselage have pale green panels. And here was I thinking they were white or pale grey/silver. 

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