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Friday, April 3, 2015

Four of a kind

well the yot is taking a wee break (on the commissioners request) for a week and its Easter so Ive started another plane pic that caught my fancy.  Quite a well known reference photo but in black and white! Ive always liked the RNZAF Canberra ever since I was a lad in Feilding and the local Ohakea base was flying Vampires and Canberras overhead. The green and grey colours with the wee black and white kiwi on the tail is striking also.

I will NOT be doing much background on this, just a pencil outline of the hills which they are flying over to give some depth. Its supposed to be a quick study of the planes only.
So here's a start, two of the shark like Canberras.

had quite a windfall of car prints this last week too.. been wrapping up tubes all morning which is very gratifying!

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