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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A French Letter

from Waikanae!

Yep, as Warwick said, drove out to the 'gold coast' this morning for a reprise of our old sunday drawing get togethers. and gold coast it certainly was today, blue skies and windless! great drive!

Started a tiny pencil drawing as a bit of a fill in. was going to use marker pens more but in the end only used black then pencil over the top. You can see how tiny this one is based on the pencil!

Its an Aussie drivers porch, one Rusty French by name and I think I just liked the colours, the contrast of the black with a large shot of yellow orange flame out the back!

Still, small = fast I think! (actually a Porsche 935).

Nice to see warwick getting into the Herk finally and looking good. maybe we'll see the finished Blue Train up on the Blog also soon!?

Must note the 2 hours was complemented by a great cheeseboard, nice coffee and good ole Radio 5 Live from the UK on the iphone!

Would love to do it again sometime.

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