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Monday, April 6, 2015

Blue, blue, my love is blue

Current WiP. Yeah, I know, looks nothing like a C130H Hercules but I made a bit of a mess of that and had to start again. So, a Blue Streak railcar (RM123, not to be confused with a blue TranzMetro English Electric multiple unit) seemed appropriate (it's one I'd started earlier). Then, back to the Hercules (I promise) and then a streamlined NZR Ka942.

It's 'yacht', Brett, but I suspect you know that, although 'sailboat' is easier to spell. I have to admit that the Canberras are looking really good - nice grouping. I'd keep the background minimalistic - maybe a simple pale sky blue and a slightly (slightly) darker blue lake surface (assuming that's what it is). Nothing too detailed that will detract from the Flying Cranberries.

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