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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pikes Peak Celica

Finally finished! Signed, sealed scanned and ready for trading.

Wasnt sure about the dust work.. lots of over layered pencil work with light yellows, pinks, flesh, greyed lavender, and various grays and blacks and this is the result. Its growing on me and I needed to get the scan coz Im off to the Rod Millen Leadfoot festival on Thursday and hoping to get the man himself to sign the original.

the sealer made it quite shiny which was interesting for the scanner but its pretty OK I think. with a bit of photoshopping touch ups!

you can see how a scan is waaay better than the photo below!

Good print week.. A Cossack Victor and a Possum Bourne singletons plus 4 older prints en masse to one guy who is running his almac Cobra at the Leadfoot and may have a commission for me!  woo hoo!

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