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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Peaking in March

Sunday morning... couple of hours starting a new car pic. Im off to another motor racing festival late this month called the Leadfoot Festival. Its run by Rod Millen. He used to run a company in California called Stillen and was famous for his efforts at Pikes Peak. So Although I have done a couple of his older Rally cars before I thought id better have a Pikes Peak car ready for his autograph! So this is it.. its a Toyota Celica 4 wheel drive Pikes Peak special that now resides on Rods property here in NZ and will be on display this month.

Ive started with black as usual. I always lay down the darker colours first then overlay lighter ones. This seems to work best for machines where there are shadowed areas. Its not ALL black here tho.. plenty of browns and blues in the black to add highlights if you look close.

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