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Saturday, March 16, 2013

curly wurly..

Ive used gouache to paint a background as a basis for more coloured pencil for the dust and stuff..
Not feeling too good about it but this 2nd attempt is waaay better than the first really pink colour!! The water has curled the paper as it dried! if I ever do this again Im going to do it on board I think. But itll be Ok for a scan and prints in the end.

5 days to get this done... should be a breeze. Wife and her mother off to the Mount tomorrow so I have clear decks for most of the week. I fly up and join them on Thursday.

Possibly big news coming soon for a trip in 2013 too... but as thats just a twinkle at the moment Ill hold back just in case.  more on that later I hope.

also amazing news.. I sold a print from the Kiwimotorart website!! An ERA. The ordering process actually worked although the buyer was in germany!  Cool.

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