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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Won't post? Can't post!

My PC decided to throw a hissy fit. Well, actually, the PC manufacturer upgraded their support software which required a later release of Windows. So I decided to bite the bullet & upgrade to SP3 for XP. But the download required IE8. Then Firefox jumped in to suggest their latest build. Followed by a Java update. Finally, Apple, not to be outdone, decided to release another version of iTunes. All at the same time. So, some days later I got a 'workable' PC back EXCEPT that my wireless device is now playing up AND MS have reset all my preferences back to their defaults. [screams].

A couple of pictures of the creative boys at work. First, Brett is pondering just how many colours he's actually used

followed by Warwick busily beavering away at the ET ("how hard can it be - it's just yellow").

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