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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beery good...

Brett & I thought we might combine drawing with beer tasting. Today's beer was Wychwwood's Hobgobblin, supplied by Brett - my turn next week. We thought we'd add three NZ cheeses - Kaimai Crumbly Blue, Karikaas Maasdam & Te Mata Camembert to the tasting. Complimenting the food in the background were Helen Henderson ("Twisting Winds"), Los Incas ("Voice of the Ancestors") and Bob Dylan ("Modern Times"). The beer was surprisingly strong, even just a single glass, and surprisingly morish. The Camembert was wonderfully smooth and the Kaimai was creamy rather than crumbly, but with a very pleasant taste.

And, yes, we did manage to draw, quite successfully (hic). Then, moments after we finished, the heavens opened & down came the rain accompanied by thunder & lightning. I had thought I might continue drawing after Brett had gone, but the light had gone as well.

So, progress as follows:

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