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Thursday, December 26, 2013

runaway martini

well its 4:30pm Boxing day 2013.
The kids have all left for their respective homes and were cleaning the house!! Another Christmas over and there was quite a lot packed into it. The unpacking of presents, Christmas lunch, petone beach walks, the fibre optic garden lights, the Royal Variety Show on TV, Millie waking Yen up, Being beaten 3-1 by my son in magic AGAIN! (after all these years), walk up to the Percys Reserve waterfall, coffee at Days Bay and not to mention the ever present background of speed Jigsawing.... Puzzle Time! Last piece fell into place with minutes to spare to get Nic and yen to the airport! Woohoo!

and amidst all that I found time to add some colour to the Porch..  niiice..

ho hum.. back to (relatively) normal life...

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