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Monday, December 23, 2013

Mustang completed.

So this is the final version of the Mustang. For something started about 3 or 4 years ago and then left Its turned out very satisfactory for me anyway. No sales as yet but here's hoping for the New Year.

As Im now on holiday (for a fast 2 weeks) Ive started another pic thats been waiting for many years! I spotted this one in a book at least 30 years ago and kept the reference pic all those years. I happened to spot a long thin canvas in the storeroom a couple of weeks ago so decided to do another Christmas/New Year painting! The ref photo is black and white but I do happen to have colelcted a wee 1/43rd model of the car and so I can use that for the colour of the decals on the car. As they are Martini stripes in vivid blues and reds I think it will really stand out from the dull monochrome background of the Le Mans Mulsanne straight.

This is just the very start with an underpainting in blacks and greys..
I already love it... (but Im biased).

You may be able to see the ruler on the right hand side to give an idea of scale. Its some 60cm high.

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