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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rough old week

Well with both of us under sentence of redundancy maybe we have to retire and start an artist's collective!
But on the positive side I've sold 3 prints on Ebay this week.. I reckon it's due to just one post on James Altucher's blog! AND he gave me a neat idea re a book so maybe it'll work out.
The Thunderthud progresses slowly.. too slowly! Can you tell the difference from the last post? I'm really looking forward to finishing off the crowd and getting back to the plane!
Its a 3 day weekend here so maybe I can fit in quite a bit of painting between watching the sevens, drawing at Warwick's, gardening and shopping! here's hoping!
The commissioner of the Solent came round and was very pleased with the work and commissioned a 2nd one.. a moored Catalina! At least it won't be all black and white! Marcus also posted some nice words on the forum he frequents and that got a few hits on the blog too! Very pleasing! and the Vulcan was sent away for framing for the Ohakea exhibition. Alf Memelink is helping me out there and it should be really good stuff. Looking forward to that at least.

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