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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I agree with Warwick's previous post (generally). Lots more detail in train undercarriages but cars have their issues. I am also using more than one reference work too these days.. the Solent being a good example.. and spend about the same time on a picture as Warwick... I guess I do more during the week being less gregarious maybe. Retire to my studio, turn on the Radio NZ National program and lose myself in the joy or drawing or painting.
Speaking of painting.. Ive had a bit of a break from the Solent to gather myself for the final push.. So Ive started another painting. This is based closely on a photo I took myself in 1964 at Ohakea during an airshow there. I think I had an old Brownie 127 camera with black and white film. I was stunned by the appearance at the show of some USAF Thunderchiefs (F-105's) and pushed thru the crowd to get the best shot I could of the front of the plane. Now 48 years later!! I dug it out and it shouted 'paint me' !! so I am.. Colorizing as I go!
I love how the people frame the plane and the mans hat provides a focus.
Here are 2 images.. the first one the initial monotone acrylic and the second after colouring in the sky and twiddling the clouds after discovering a new technique using a fan brush and a flat blender brush. Its not perfect but it IS getting there so ... joy of painting continues... wonder when warwick will dive in this pool?

ps: the nickname of the F-105 was the 'Thud'!  and we'd love to get some feedback.. there IS a guestbook on the blog or a simpel email or tweet would be cool.

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