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Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to normality - Sunday mornings, with beer (Monteith's Black & Monteith's Original Ale) and cheese (Smoked Cheddar from Somerset, Jarlsberg from Australia & a good ol' Kiwi Brie (by Bouton d'Or)).

Both Brett and I have been on holiday this past week. But we have both found time to work on our art - Brett primarily on the Solent. Meanwhile I have been concentrating on Ka945. Which got me thinking about how much time is actually spent on an one of our drawings. I guess it takes, on average, 4 to 5 weeks to finish a picture, sometimes more sometimes less, depending on the complexity of the image. That equates to a minimum of 10 hours per drawing. Brett seems to produce more prints than I do - this will be dependent on the quickness of the hand and whether we spend time during the week drawing - I know Brett does, less so for me. In my case, locomotives tend to have more detail than cars - pipework, grilles, wheels & rods rather than body panels, although reflections & decals on cars will complicate matters for Brett. As my artistic endeavours have progressed, I have tended to combine source images, so that my works are composites, interpretations of the subject matter. Brett tends to replicate a single image. Each to his own. Ka945 has taken an estimated 20 hours, not including research. We sell our prints for $15 to $20. That equates to $1 per hour. A poor return if we only sell one, but if we sell 100 (we limit our print runs to that number) then that's a much more acceptable return for our efforts. We obviously don't do it for the money - although we both get a great deal of pleasure from what we achieve - but your continuing support is important.

Brett added detail to the ERA:

and I beavered away on 945:

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