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Thursday, October 6, 2011

'We' still have Jobs

Been a long week. Warwick swanning around at home on leave while I ride the red eye train every morning with the other grey beards..  and of course today was the end of the Jobs era at Apple!

But Ive done some more on the Muzzie and linked the blog to Twitter (check @faminz to follow me) and FB

Warwick seems to have had a very good week trains wise, at least 3 sold while Ive had one ebay, one trademe and one bidded on for next week. And that one will be interesting as I may have to now redo an old (3 decades old drawing to bring it up to my current standards). Have also had a nudge from the oil painting Skyhawk chap so thats floated to the top again too...  need more sleep!

any way, here's the Mustang..  Ill take orders now... lol

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