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Friday, October 7, 2011

Simply intuitive

[detail from a pencil drawing of Steve Jobs by Guillermo Contreras]

Simplicity. What happens inside your computer doesn’t matter - it's what you want to do that is important. And the interface should be simple and intuitive, freeing you up to be creative rather than wrestling with trying to understand or, in my case, remember, how to use it. Steve Jobs understood that and the iPod / iPhone / iPad devices are a testimony to that understanding. I succumbed & purchased an iPod Touch2 (leading, not bleeding edge - I've been in the computer industry far too long to buy first release kit). Brett was sceptical (I think) but soon realised it's potential & purchased a 3 (or 4) quickly followed by an iPad. It would seem most of our fellow commuters in the morning have one of the 3 iProducts. Let us hope that Apple continue with his vision.

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