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Friday, October 15, 2010

'Nuff said...

It's not often I sell more than Brett, so I'll take this opportunity... two J1211 prints in 36 hours.

I see the spots on the visitor's map are growing - the Northern hemisphere is definitely outnumbering the Southern more than I would've expected since Brett & I are 'specialising' in NZ-themed vehicles (cars, planes & trains).

Arranged for Dave to generate a few J1211 prints - they're looking good. Pity the smaller versions on this page don't do them justice.

I managed to resolve my scanning issues (I had had to ask Brett to scan the FE 2B for me) by burrowing deep into the network & printer settings to over-ride the colour & A3 restrictions. After a discussion with Ray (who bought one of my RM30 prints) about the local (TranzMetro) passenger units I thought I might do a series of local trains. We'll have to see what Sunday brings - FE 2B, Sopwith Pup, Ganz Mavag EM or English Electric DM? I will definitely be drawing Cyclops and The Phoenix multiple units at some stage.

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