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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Labour of Love

Today was spent at Brett's. Just to be different. And that meant different biscuits - more chocolate based. Nice. Lots of swearing, too. Brett's finding the Mustang a real challenge, but I must admit that it's looking really good, despite the difficulty with coping with grass reflected in blue paintwork. At least it's not sky reflected in black paintwork. After an hour, he swapped to the black & white Anglia. More swearing. Monochromatic artwork is really different - there are many shades of grey (as my BR 9F proved) - but the Anglia is taking shape. I too resorted to a lot of swearing. Mainly because I hadn't taken my full set of pencils - just those yellows I thought I'd be needing. Silly boy. I didn't have the oranges, reds, or greys necessary to portray the weathered yellow safety livery that the front of the EM is painted in. But we managed 2 hours of good work, chocolate biscuits & some swearing. A labour day of loves.

Hard to image there's over two hours work just to produce a door and folded footplate...

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