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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gravity is a myth - the earth sucks

I gave up commuting into Wellington 15 years ago - New Zealand drivers are amongst the worst in the world - impatient & ignorant. If you travel behind some-one at the recommended braking distance then some 'wuzzock' ('dipstick' in my language) will fill it. Question: How do Kiwi drivers brake? Answer: by changing lanes. Unfortunately the prang on the motorway involved one of my staff who was pitched off his motorbike by some pillock in a van.

I have posted the finished RM30 Railcar on TradeMe. I'm pleased with the image - let's hope some-one else likes it as well. All offers gratefully accepted...

And by way of a background, a total of six NZR RM class Standard Railcars were built in the NZR Hutt Workshops in 1938 and 1939, each with a semi-streamlined design featuring slanting ends. Driving controls were located at each end of the railcar so that they did not have to be turned. RM30 'Aotea' holds the record for the covering the NIMT (Auckland to Wellington), attained in 1967, in a time of 9 hours and 26 minutes (running time 8 hours and 42 minutes). 'Aotea' was withdrawn in 1972 and is preserved in working condition on the Silver Stream Railway, Hutt Valley, NZ.

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