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Sunday, June 13, 2010

cheered up a bit

the father-in-law is slightly better today so maybe he'll pull thru. They finally diagnosed the infection as a fungal infection so can at least try and treat it...

anyway, spent the day cleaning and tidying... Warwick dropped round with his Railcar for me to get scanned and printed and then Richard dropped round for a bout of scanning of many MANY Chevettes, Corvettes and Vauxhalls (its his 'thing'). I scored a nice pic of Beecheys original Monaro tho that I can draw.

Sold a Dawson Mustang out of the blue too so thats cheering and Richard wants a Rosberg Chevron.

Decided to put some prints on Ebay too. The robbers charge 75c per listing so I did two. the Vulcan and the Chevron, thought they might appeal to the world market. Will tell more about this foray if I get a bite.

Will do some more Dragster tonight!!!

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