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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday evening

well done Warwick... a commission!!!

Lets see the photos then...

Finish the Phantom first!!!, do you still want to do the Falcon now?

Did some work on the Chevron last evening but too f**&ked tonite

I also have another commission. My mate at Defence confirmed his mate wants the Golden anniversary Skyhawk done.. so thats in the pipeline too now. Think Ill paint it tho.. as a test oil painting in the style of Spike Wademan. First I need a cheap A3 size canvas... methinks ill hit the $2 shop tomorrow morning.

Bought a nice wee book at Capital books today.. Produced by the guys who used to run the TVAL airshows at Hood. Has all their WW1 planes in colour with brief articles on each one. Bludy good for $20! Called On the Wings of History

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