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Monday, June 5, 2017

Busy May-June

So many things..

Sold my Skyhawk painting after the Ohakea airshow. Chap saw it there and rang me up next week and promptly bought it for his Office.
Then I got a commission to draw seven airliners in graphite on a very large piece of paper for the son of a retiring Air NZ pilot. (Thanks to Napier who found he didnt have time to do this)..

Then a magazine editor asked if he could use my PDL Mustang II image as a pull out poster and offered $400. After checking it was OK to use the pic I happily agreed !!

Then I got another commission to draw a chaps car from his partner, the Supra and GTO pic below.
Still a work in progress.

meanwhile prints have been ticking over (the Bulldozer is doing very well.)

and Ive hardly any time to draw the cars I want to draw to refill the stock.

and retirement is rapidly approaching!


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