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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Four weeks to Christmas

and Ive promised Peter that Ill finish his yacht by then so here goes!
It was maybe 40% done about a year ago but now Ive really decided to get into it. Especially as Im more confident now on seas (after the Gambia!)

You can see the masking tape to get nice straight lines for the mast etc. Ive had a goo go at the hills but it needs another layer and the clouds which might be done! A white spray primer works wonders!

As usual its more of a seascape than a boat. The boat come last!

and just for completions sake here is the Macchi jet after scanning and cleanup.

Ill tried to dedicate as much of this weekend to painting as I can but theres lawns to mow and cricket to watch!! I still get 2 or 3 print sales a week but I feel I need to turn over my stock (ie: draw some more.. faster...) and retirement is beckoning or as Ive taken to calling it, reWIREment! coz I think Ill be busy as!

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