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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Woolmark Escort

Been a couple of weeks now. Finished the Gambia painting and sent it off to the commissioner. She loved it apparently which is Great! and I look forward to a picture of it framed one day.
Had a few sales last week which was  very welcome as a few new Magic card must-buys have come into the card shop!!
I met up with Warwick last week when he came into town on the pensioner express (which I am almost qualified for myself) and had a good chat. Apparently the trains are selling well and he's started a couple more. Maybe we'll see them here soon?

So what is next? well I thought another Rally car would be saleable especially an escort and especially a famous New Zealand rally escort. So Ive started Hannu Mikkola's winningWoolmark escort from the 1973 International Heatway Rally of New Zealand.
The picture captures the car in late afternoon sun hence the yellow nature of the light.

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