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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bambina Rocks

Managed a bit during the week but had a bit of a binge this morning (Sunday) and was only going to do the side but somehow just kept going. I even managed the wee red FIAT badge on the front.
I hope youre liking it David?! Maybe just a couple of weeks to go..

Re other things.. Ive been watching a very expensive Magic card on the net since Modern Masters 2015 came out and I got the feeling it bottomed last weekend in price so I finally cracked and bought one! Yay.. I now have a Tarmogoyf winging its way to me (and Im much lighter in my paypal account)!
The new printer worked out well as I had 3 prints sold last week and he printed as and when I needed them and the colours are super good.
Work is semi interesting and I may have some good (I hope!) news on that front soon.
I also notice warwick has gone Gold (Super Gold even) and can now travel free on trains etc so Im hoping to see him for a coffee in town sometime!  Oh well Hey Ho.. better go mow the grass before it starts raining again.

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