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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Back to work 2015

Mustangs all completed. Plaster cast off (turns out it was a torn calf not an achilles) and nearly walking normally, and back to work. I could get used to not working and just chilling at home... but boy do the days whoosh by!

off to the Wings over Wairarapa airshow tomorrow at masterton. with Warwick! Be a chance to catch up on his year and see if I can squeeze a few more trains out of him!!
Oh year and started two more commissions.. an A2 size acrylic painting of a yacht and an A3 size painting of a Tropical Island scene (go figure!). Pictures to come as soon as I start them.

also had a request for my Senna mercedes without Senna! as a photoshopped print. Well, why not? Might lead on to another commission so its all good.

and a request for my Graeme Lawrence lola T332 from Graeme's son but for Graeme!! Cool.. Have taken the cheeky opportunity to ask him to sign the original and he's agreed. Brilliant! I always liked watching him race and love the idea of him having my print on the wall.. Cool.

This is that print.. it looks blurred because a) the reference photo was too and b) it gives an impression of sheer speed!

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