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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Double Mustang Trouble

The boat is on hold til the commissioner confirms the reference photo. So I started this great action pic. I took the photo in 1975 (gosh 39 years ago!!) at one of THE greatest muscle car races ever in NZ. It was at Wigram race track and there were two unbelievably powerful current Mustangs racing together driven by two of the best NZ race car drivers, Leo Leonard and Jim Richards. They were known as the PDL Mustang (the blue one) and the Sidchrome Mustang (the red and yellow one), and I happened to catch them diving into one hairpin corner together showing off their big mustang backsides! You can see from the left hand side of the blue one there has already been some 'rubbing' going on! I was saving this for a big painting but thought that given Im laid up with this ruptured achilles tendon and in a cast Id better use the time to get into it..

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