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Sunday, January 6, 2013

change of focus

In between painting I decided these holidays to finally 'Make a Model'!
Yes I know, a radical almost unheard of step... I have sooo many unmade models in the storeroom that I even consider myself a collector rather than a model maker but I suddenly had a yearning to make one.
This one was in a bag, no box so wasnt really collectable as such and besides I have 2 more of them in boxes!!!  Its a fav plane of mine, a Westland Whirlwind WW2 fighter made by Airfix aeons ago in 1/72nd scale. Not a good basis for a great model really so I gave myself 3 days to do it... almost made it.. This is late Sunday evening and theres still plenty of detailing and the decals etc etc but here she is at this point... Ive added some parts bin bombs to make a Whirlibomber!!  cool eh?

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