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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A train of thought...

No team event today - Brett has domestic responsibilities.

I have finally decided what my next drawing will be - I had pondered whether to start this or a rather ambitious aircraft-themed drawing I have been sketching & researching for some months. In the end I decided on another locomotive, this time my favourite New Zealand steam engine - Ka945. I have travelled behind 945 on many excursions, ridden on her footplate a number of times (the most memorable hurtling down the Koputaroa Bank north of Levin) & driven her (in the Paekakariki sidings). I hope I can do her justice.

Oh, and the first of my Bugatti & Stampe prints was bought by some-one in France - thanks to Brett for posting it on eBay.


  1. ooo-er, whats this ambitious aircraft themed work coming up then?

  2. a bit of Kiwi aviation history...

  3. oh... do tell, I have a few of those lined up myself... ps: its Brett not Brent!!!!!

  4. my abject apologies - my mind must have been somewhere else or just withdrawal symptoms...