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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Up up and away

well Warwick upped sticks and went away for a deserved 7 days leave and I finished (finally) my mustang shown high up and away over some purpled clouds.

This was a tricky item... the plane itself is simple coloured pencil and was no trouble... but the background!! I wanted a simple cloud base and initially used coloured pencil but then added some acrylic white paint. This reacted with the pencil and I had PINK clouds.. So I overpainted it THREE times with white to get a nice base and then painted the purple grey clouds. I think they came out well and complement the reds and blues of the plane. (the image here shows them much too purpled!! bad scan... they are actually a deeper darker hue.) But maybe you get the idea. Landscape backgrounds are where I need to concentrate!

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