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Monday, April 25, 2011


ANZAC Day is when New Zealanders (and Australians) remember the men who have fallen serving in all wars. We should not forget them.

It somehow seemed appropriate for me to revisit my drawing of Ab608 Passchendaele. One of my early sales of this print was to Des Jolly who wrote:

I was a young fireman (17) based in Christchurch - I turned up for duties one afternoon and there she was - all painted up with the white handrails, wheels and red siderods. It even had the Passchendaele Plaque attached on the running board each side of her. I was that excited before booking on duty I went and climbed up into the cab for a look, etc. Well, when I finally did book on duty you could not imagine my delight when I found that she was booked out to me and my mate as our loco for our shift that very day.

Des was kind enough to send me some photos and illustrations, including a badge facsimile of the plaque. I have 'corrected' my original drawing to depict Ab608 closer to how she was in reality. My deep thanks to Des for his interest and kindness.

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