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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fraught, we was fraught I tell you

No drawing last week - Brett was up at Hampton Downs watching the cars going round and round (and round and round...) and getting autographs of his heros (getting them to sign his art work actually); and I was at Wings Over Wairarapa at Hood Aerodrome watching the planes. The weather wasn't the best for either event but luckily we were there on the Saturday as it rained all day Sunday and both events were cancelled.

Brett spent two hours this morning rendering the windscreen on his Escort - it looks really good so the effort was well worth it. I am progressing with Passchendaele but the lack of any decent colour source material is proving to be a trial, and to complicate things, Ab608 was modified a number of times.

So, here are the results of today's session - my apologies for the poor quality images...

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