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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grilled breakfast...

I spent an hour this morning re-shaping the Aston's grille and finishing the bumpers. I'm beginning to imagine colours in the highly reflective chrome that I'm sure are just transient - there one moment, gone when I look again. Argh! The colour that Brett alludes to is a light pinkish fuschia maybe magenta made by Texta - available in NZ as part of a set but not sold singly. I purchased a couple of Prisma blenders and a greyed Lavender off the internet this morning. My poor ol' eyes just aren't coping, what with imaginary shades and strobing grilles. And to think I thought the DB5 would be 'easy' - just a few shades of grey (well, Champagne Silver, actually). My only consolation is that Brett is having similar troubles with the SE5As - too many colours.

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